Seasonal and Weekend Camping on the Shores of Beautiful Gardner Lake
Laurel Lock Campground is a family owned and operated campground occupying over 1,000 feet of lakeshore on picturesque Gardner Lake in Oakdale, CT.



Weekend Activities

Friday, September 17

8 p.m. - Horseshoes

Meet at the pits to play.


Upcoming Event

September 25, 10 a.m.


Come to the rec hall to make a pump-kin door stop.  Bring an empty 2-liter soda bottle and a large men’s white sock - big enough to fit over the bottle.

October  9 – Pot Luck Dinner

If you’re still hanging around to the very end of the season, come join us for one more pot luck dinner. Set ups and coffee will be provided.  Bring a hearty dish to share. 

Dennis Taylor Recovering

Dennis Taylor is on the mend and feeling a little better every day.  It has been really uplifting for Dennis to have the outpouring of concern from so many of our campers.  He has really appreciated the cards,  phone calls and get well wishes. 


Margie Underwood Writes…

We would like to thank all our friends for the generous donations to my parents’ fundraiser.  It helped greatly and was very much appreciated.

       Marge, Tom and the whole family



& Spring Cleaning

Sign up sheets for RV winterization and site cleaning are in the camp store.  Winterization costs are computed individually based on a time and materials basis.  Most RV’s will be winterized for between $75 - $100.  The bulk of spring cleaning is actually done in the fall.  If you sign up for site cleaning, please stowe away any items that would impede the cleanup.  Site cleaning is billed at $35 an hour.




Boating Season

Coming To A Close

If you rent a dock slip on a Laurel Lock dock, please note the following schedule for docks to be taken out.  Boats, ropes and buoys on the marina-style docks need to be removed by Sunday, September 19 for the planned removal of docks on Monday, September 20.  Any boat owner that fails to remove their boat in time for dock removal, will be charged a fee for boat moving and remaining ropes etc will be considered abandoned.

August Electric Bills Are In

Campers at camp this weekend, please stop by the store this to see if you have an electric bill for August.  If you had one in July, you surely will have one for August.  Campers not stopping by this weekend will have their invoices mailed to them on Monday, Septem-ber 20, 2010.  Meters will be read again on or about October 12, and final bills will be sent out shortly thereafter.

Fans Of Remains

Mark Your Calendars

One of Laurel Lock’s favorite bands, Remains, will be playing at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun on Wednesday, November 3.  Mark your calendar if you can get out that night to enjoy the sounds of Remains and catch up with Laurel Lock friends.



What’s In Store…

All ice cream is 50% off at the camp store this weekend.  Get some today.


Off-Season Visits To Camp

The camp is closed from October 11, 2010 at 5 p.m. until May 6, 2011.  Visits by campers in the off-season will be tolerated, but the roads are closed and utilities may be off.  Do not plan on access with a vehicle beyond the front gate during the off season.  If you are not physically able to walk from the street, do not attempt to visit.  If the gate is open and the roads are dry, you can proceed to the store parking lot.  Do not attempt to circumvent the gate and do not proceed beyond the store without specific approval from Laurel Lock personnel.  When visiting, please park near the Laurel Lock signso the gate and doors to the barn are not blocked. 


RVs For Sale On Sites

We currently have 4 RVs for sale.  The trailers on sites #6, #40 and 42 are turnkey.  They come with decks, hard awnings and so much more.  The trailer on site #93 is also for sale.  For more info, see our bulletin board.


Winter Party

Watch your mail and e-mail for an invitation to a Laurel Lock’s winter party in January or February.  If you plan to attend the party after you receive the invitation, please remember to RSVP in a timely fashion.  (We had to cancel our party several years ago due to lack of timely responses.)  Anyone wishing to participate in the planning of the party, please leave your name with our office staff.